Friday, 8 July 2011

optical mixing and after images

Some optical mixing goes on when you look at this painting I completed recently, and also subjective colouring that I think is more to do with after images than mixture.
Any blues and/or greens that you see here are subjective, you put them there optically. Physically any 'green' is yellow and any 'blue' is white.

Also do you notice how the red square in the centre looks redder than the other reds? It is the effect of colour contrast as physically it is the same as any of the other reds.

We know about this stuff already. Maybe it is childish of me to continue to be so fascinated by these subjective constructions.


  1. Great work, love the colours and the kaleidoscope effect when you stare at it ...:-)

  2. thanks Carol
    I enjoy what happens when I stare too (but it is rude to stare!)